A day in San Felipe de Jesús

If you’re in La Antigua, one of the must-see side trips is to the village of San Felipe de Jesús. Founded in 1528, it’s part of the municipio of Antigua Guatemala and is one of the largest and best-known of the nearby villages because of its tourist attractions; there’s something for everyone.

Located just 10 minutes north of La Antigua, this village has a beautiful Gothic Renaissance-style church which was constructed much more recently than the colonial churches of La Antigua. It is frequented by the faithful from all parts of Central America and Mexico thanks to the wide appeal of the religious statue located there which many people revere: the Entombed Jesus of San Felipe. The procession with this statue is one of the most anticipated and most attended of Holy Week; it takes place on the afternoon of Good Friday.
In San Felipe there are many places to eat, whether you’re looking for a restaurant that offers an international menu or want to experience a traditional Guatemalan family-style meal. This is one of the places where you can savor some of the best pepián, revolcado, or caldo de gallina criolla. In San Felipe, you can find something for every taste.
Every day, a little after lunch, in the plazuela opposite the church, Guatemalan snacks are sold: atol, tostadas with guacamol or frijoles, chuchitos, and many other options are available and come with friendly conversation and perhaps a bit of gossip. If sweets are your thing, you’ll find a variety of typical Guatemalan treats to enjoy there or take home. In the plazuela, you’ll also find handicrafts made of wood and clay made by local artisans. It’s almost a requirement that you can’t leave without a ceramic piggy bank in the form of a fruit or one of the famous ceramic owls.

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