How much oxygen does a Christmas tree produce?

Christmas trees are spruce, pine and spruce. An acre (an Anglo-Saxon surface area equivalent to 4,046,8564 m2) of these trees, which shelters, on average, about 2,000 specimens, covers the daily oxygen demand of 18 people.
In the United States alone, more than one million acres of land is dedicated to the cultivation of Christmas trees, which means the daily oxygen supply of 18 million people. And that is nothing, if we consider that the pinaceae (tree family capitalized by the Christmas species) are predominant in the regions of the northern hemisphere located between the tropic and the arctic. Even more to the north we move, where they form vast forests. Which means many millions of acres and trillions of trees.
Do not you breathe a little more calm after knowing this? It is also very tonic to know that Christmas trees par excellence are Fraser firs, Douglas fir and noble spruce, wild pine, or scotch, and Norwegian spruce, or false spruce (imitations, you know).
Christmas tree

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