One for One: Working Together for Potable Water in Guatemala

The goal of Ecofiltro is to provide potable water to 1 million Guatemalan families in rural areas by 2020. “Our strategy to achieve this is through providing donations to rural schools’’ states Philip Wilson, CEO of Ecofiltro.


In Guatemala, 90% of water sources are contaminated. Diarrhea-related illnesses are the second biggest cause of infant mortality under 5 years of age and – of these – most are caused by drinking dirty water.iniciativasuno-por-unoquepasanoviembre20163

Ecofiltro has been a great ally to find a solution to this problem.In case you didn’t know, Ecofiltro is manufactured from a mixture of clay, sawdust and sand. This process of filtration removes particles that scent, color and cloud water; a process similar to the natural filtration of water through layers of earth, giving us our natural springs, hence the fresh spring-like flavor of Ecofiltro water.


Today, the Ecofiltro water filtration system is being produced in La Antigua on a large scale, and more than 80,000 units have been distributed in the last five years. To date, Ecofiltro has benefitted more than half a million Guatemalans, especially in rural areas, and has significantly contributed to health improvement and gastrointestinal illness prevention in both children and adults.

Additionally, Ecofiltro has helped to reduce the number of trees which previously would have been cut and used as firewood to boil water in rural communities. On average, Guatemalan families spend around Q250 monthly on firewood to be able to boil the water that they need for their daily tasks.
Ecofiltro has now joined forces with CEMACO with the 1×1 initiative, which seeks to take potable water to more children in rural areas of the country. Each time that a customer purchases an Ecofiltro from a CEMACO store, Ecofiltro will donate another one to a school in the rural areas of Guatemala.


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