Carnival in Guatemala

In Guatemala on Tuesday of Carnival is celebrated by many children and young people in schools, and it is a celebration of much joy and joy. Young people usually go to classes with costumes, confetti, colored streamers and popular shells.

The celebration consists in breaking the shells that are full of confetti or pica-pica, in the head of the companions and thus the celebration becomes a game full of joy and laughter. The main reason for Carnival is fun, permissiveness of a little lack of control.
The exact date is not known, when the Carnival was introduced to Guatemala, but began to be recorded by historians, in historical data of the fifteenth century.
Also in other data, it is indicated that the tradition and celebration of the Carnival was adopted by the Europeans which possibly adopted it from very similar celebrations from Egypt, and later introduced to the Roman Empire, which expanded it throughout Europe.
The word carnival is derived from the Latin word, carnestolendas, which is when you stop eating meat before religious holidays. This word, from which carnival is derived, as well as the celebration was introduced to Guatemala by the Spaniards and extends throughout Latin America.
It has also been observed that this celebration has changed and has been transformed by new generations, becoming parties of great size and cultural value, which vary from continent to continent.

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