Feliz día internacional de la Familia!

Este día nació para recordar que la familia es lo más importante, es el centro de todo y debe brindarnos el soporte y la ayuda para avanzar en la vida. El 15 de mayo de cada año, se festeja el Día Internacional de la Familia. No es un día comercial, y tal vez por eso,[…]

Guide To New Year’s Eve in Antigua Guatemala

Even though I’ve been in and out of Guatemala for the better part of almost three years, there are traditions I’ve never encountered before and some which I still don’t fully understand. As part of Antigua’s New Year’s Eve celebrations, there were two such events I was looking forward to watching: The Baile de Moros[…]

Scientists discover ancient Mayan city hidden under Guatemalan jungle

Aerial laser mapping detects thousands of hidden structures in Peten region, suggesting its population was millions more than previously thought This digital 3D image provided by Guatemala’s Mayan Heritage and Nature Foundation shows a depiction of the Mayan archaeological site at Tikal in Guatemala created using LiDAR aerial mapping technology. A high-tech aerial mapping technique[…]

Carnival in Guatemala

In Guatemala on Tuesday of Carnival is celebrated by many children and young people in schools, and it is a celebration of much joy and joy. Young people usually go to classes with costumes, confetti, colored streamers and popular shells. The celebration consists in breaking the shells that are full of confetti or pica-pica, in[…]

Learn Spanish in Our Hotel

Enjoy good value tuition with your own teacher! Study using tailor made exercises, engaging in leisurely conversation and games. After school, your host family spoils you. You’re in good hands. We offer Space in our hotel , for students who want to learn Spanish in Continental Spanish Academy. In 2 weeks you can learn enough[…]

Festival Gastronómico de Sacatepéquez

The culinary community of La Antigua Guatemala is ready to show off its magnificent talent when the eighth annual edition of the Sacatepéquez Gastronomic Festival arrives this month. It includes the participation of many culinary virtuosos from the cities and villages of the departamento. Thanks to the efforts of the Municipal Government of La Antigua[…]

Historical and Traditional Symbols in a Procession

In a procession there are several symbols that are intended to move us to a different time period. The Romans with their costumes, the horses and banners; and as in a parade, all march in two rows on both sides of the streets. With a banner in the middle with the acronym SPQR: “Senatus Populusque[…]

Cathedral of San José

The history of the Cathedral of San José begins with its foundation in 1527 and built by José de Porres. Nevertheless the construction did not escape to the damages of the earthquakes mainly demolishing the domes, for that reason the Cathedral finished in ruins.

Early Religious Sculptures in Guatemala

Early Religious Sculptures in Guatemala March 31, 2016 Revue MagazineLeave a comment Religious sculptures are a focal point for prayer and meditation. It is believed that when prayed to with the utmost religious fervor, the figure, or its essence, grants the believer a favor, request, or a miracle. Jesús Nazareno de la Merced. Sculptor: Alonza de[…]

My Antigua: Tamagochy, The Mime

This city has a thousand and one ways to surprise us, to introduce characters and personalities that bring yet another shade to the already colorful sea of stories that are created in a magical place like Antigua. As we walk along the famous Calle del Arco and sit down and rest in the city’s Central[…]