Feliz día internacional de la Familia!

Este día nació para recordar que la familia es lo más importante, es el centro de todo y debe brindarnos el soporte y la ayuda para avanzar en la vida. El 15 de mayo de cada año, se festeja el Día Internacional de la Familia. No es un día comercial, y tal vez por eso,[…]


Do you know about Continental Spanish School?

Academia de Español Continental is a dynamic and young Spanish language school. It was founded by a group of professional and experienced Spanish language teachers in order to provide quality language courses for a reasonable price. Our school is located in a beautiful, centrally-located, colonial building on 3a Calle Poniente in Antigua Guatemala, two blocks[…]

Volcanoes of Guatemala

“Three tectonic plates meet in Guatemala and the result is a wild and crazy adventure park with high and beautiful mountains, crater lakes and hundreds of volcanoes to form the spine of the country.” This is one of the best descriptions of Guatemala I have found was recently posted by Vanderbilt University archaeologist Arthur Demarest[…]

A New Breed of Guatemalan Millennials

As a new generation of young adults we’ve glimpsed at how we can bring our experiences and knowledge back to Guatemala. I was born in Guatemala in 1996, the same year the Guatemalan Peace Accords were signed, ending its 36-year civil war with some 200,000 civilians dead or disappeared. I spent a couple of summers[…]

Santa Catalina Arch

In the convent of Virgin and Martir Santa Catalina, the novices avoided contact with people from the city, with the steady growth of followers, it became necessary to occupy another building o the block in front.  The Arch of Santa Catalina was built as a solution  to cross over towards the rest of the convent.[…]

Guatemala Cuisine

Local cuisine is based on traditional Mayan ingredients with European influences introduced during colonial times. There are different types of food by everyday consumption and certain dishes which are only prepared for special ceremonial celebrations. In the Guatemalan daily diet known as ¨comida casera” you will find beans (black, white or red ) prepared in[…]

La Antigua Guatemala

Located 45 km from Guatemala City, the picturesque and Charming city of La Antigua Guatemala, built in 1543, is the departmental capital of Sacatepéquez. Antigua is situated in a valley surrounded by three volcanoes and mountains covered with coffee plantations. Because of its history and impressive  beauty , it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage[…]