José Cecilio del Valle of Guatemala

On the eve of celebrating Central America’s independence from Spain, and six years before its 200th anniversary, a Guatemalan remembers José Cecilio del Valle, his long-forgotten great-great-great grandfather, a key player in the region’s independence and one of the great thinkers of his time. (1780-1834) Mexico and Central America became independent from Spain on Sept. 15,[…]

Crisis flares in Guatemala over corruption and organised crime

Version:1.0 StartHTML:000000242 EndHTML:000015147 StartFragment:000002171 EndFragment:000015115 StartSelection:000002171 EndSelection:000015115 SourceURL: Constitutional court blocks attempt by president, Jimmy Morales, to expel head of unit investigating campaign financing   Demonstrators shout slogans against Guatemala President Jimmy Morales at the National Palace of Culture in Guatemala City.  Guatemala  has fallen into deep political crisis after the president declared the[…]

Tecun Umán

Tecún Umán (1499? – 1524) Quiché Tecún Umán, Guatemala’s national hero faced an army of Spanish conquistadors in the battle of Pinal in 1534. According to the legend, although he didn’t have armor Tecun Uman fought for his land and his people when they were about to lose their sovereignty. The brave prince gave his[…]

Rivers at Risk in Guatemala

Across the northern indigenous hinterlands of Guatemala people are up in arms. You may have heard about it. They are up in arms over the companies involved in damming and mining—particularly hydroelectric projects; over their questionable business practices; deficit of environmental concern; and lack of respect for community well-being and consent, putting rivers at risk.[…]

Río Dulce c

Izabal is the department that houses the fourth natural wonder of our country, Rio Dulce. It is a river of little extension, but with an incomparable natural wealth. It was one of the first protected areas of Guatemala in 1955. Thanks to its natural richness in flora and fauna, it is a potential ecotourism, a[…]

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Third Week of Lent On Friday, March 17, the third Friday of Lent is celebrated, North of La Antigua in the municipality of Jocotenango in the Parish of Our Lady of La Asunción. In this parish, the consecrated image of Jesús of Nazareth “El Dulce Rabí” and the Virgin of Dolores “Dulce Madre de Jocotenango”[…]

First Week of Lent in Antigua

Friday March 3, is the day when the Holy Vigil of the image of Jesús Nazareno de la Salvación in Santa Catarina Bobadilla – where a procession will take place on Sunday the 5th.The Nazarene of Santa Catarina Bobadilla was named Patron Jurado of La Antigua in 2009. The image was carved – just for[…]

A New History for La Antigua Guatemala

With the recent “discovery” of the “El Libro Segundo del Cabildo (1530-1541) de Santiago de Guatemala,” historians lit up with enthusiasm! Cover of the second book of Cabildo (1530-1541) de Santiago de Guatemala (courtesy of the Hispanic Society of America, New York) Guatemala’s historians continue to rewrite the past. With many libraries and collections now[…]

A Month for National Celebration

The time to celebrate Guatemala has arrived! Each year, starting as early as May, school bands can be heard during the weekends as they rehearse each of the presentations they’ll give: during the month of July as part of the celebrations of Santiago de los Caballeros – the patron Saint of La Antigua; and during[…]