Feliz día internacional de la Familia!

Este día nació para recordar que la familia es lo más importante, es el centro de todo y debe brindarnos el soporte y la ayuda para avanzar en la vida. El 15 de mayo de cada año, se festeja el Día Internacional de la Familia. No es un día comercial, y tal vez por eso,[…]

One for One: Working Together for Potable Water in Guatemala

The goal of Ecofiltro is to provide potable water to 1 million Guatemalan families in rural areas by 2020. “Our strategy to achieve this is through providing donations to rural schools’’ states Philip Wilson, CEO of Ecofiltro. In Guatemala, 90% of water sources are contaminated. Diarrhea-related illnesses are the second biggest cause of infant mortality under 5[…]

Don Lipe – The Butcher

Depending on how accustomed you are to life in La Antigua, you may have stopped buying meat from a particular distributor or specialty shop and may have begun to visit the municipal market and buy from the butchers’ stalls there. For the families who’ve lived in the center of town (and some of them still[…]


If you ever dreamed of becoming an archaeologist and imagined what it would be like to excavate and discover ancient treasures, full of mysteries and important historical value, this activity is for you (and the children that are close to you). La Casa del Jade and La Universidad del Valle de Guatemala have joined efforts[…]

Río Dulce c

Izabal is the department that houses the fourth natural wonder of our country, Rio Dulce. It is a river of little extension, but with an incomparable natural wealth. It was one of the first protected areas of Guatemala in 1955. Thanks to its natural richness in flora and fauna, it is a potential ecotourism, a[…]

How much oxygen does a Christmas tree produce?

Christmas trees are spruce, pine and spruce. An acre (an Anglo-Saxon surface area equivalent to 4,046,8564 m2) of these trees, which shelters, on average, about 2,000 specimens, covers the daily oxygen demand of 18 people. In the United States alone, more than one million acres of land is dedicated to the cultivation of Christmas trees,[…]

A day in San Felipe de Jesús

If you’re in La Antigua, one of the must-see side trips is to the village of San Felipe de Jesús. Founded in 1528, it’s part of the municipio of Antigua Guatemala and is one of the largest and best-known of the nearby villages because of its tourist attractions; there’s something for everyone. SHOW THUMBNAILSCAPTION PREVIOUS NEXT[…]

La Escuela de Cristo Church

The church of Escuela de Cristo is one of the most unique churches in La Antigua thanks to its Renaissance style. It is conveniently located in a few blocks away from church of San Francisco and on the way to El Calvario so it’s perfect for an afternoon stroll of church sightseeing. It was established[…]