Don Lipe – The Butcher

Depending on how accustomed you are to life in La Antigua, you may have stopped buying meat from a particular distributor or specialty shop and may have begun to visit the municipal market and buy from the butchers’ stalls there. For the families who’ve lived in the center of town (and some of them still[…]

The Friday Band

The central parks of various cities in Guatemala are the heart of community life. These spaces are used by people of all ages, both young and old. Sometimes teenagers can be seen at La Antigua’s Parque Central, meeting with friends and walking around the park again and again while having animated conversations with their friends.One[…]

Amazing views

It’s very easy to be enchanted by the baroque air of La Antigua…by its cobbled streets and even by the little puddles – frequent during the rainy season – in which you can catch a perfect reflection of the Santa Catalina Arch. The colors, the sensations and even the aroma of certain seasonal flowers –[…]

Mountain Biking in La Antigua

If you are someone who likes to take advantage of the weekends to get your fix of adrenaline, then Antigua and its surroundings can offer you a different type of activity that not only provides you with a good dose of exercise, but that also presents a challenge and an opportunity to explore new places.[…]

El VII Festival Gastronómico de Sacatepéquez

The culinary community of La Antigua Guatemala is ready to show off its magnificent talent when the fifth annual edition of the Sacatepéquez Gastronomic Festival arrives this month. It includes the participation of many culinary virtuosos from the cities and villages of the departamento. Thanks to the efforts of the Municipal Government of La Antigua Guatemala,[…]