Carnival in Guatemala

In Guatemala on Tuesday of Carnival is celebrated by many children and young people in schools, and it is a celebration of much joy and joy. Young people usually go to classes with costumes, confetti, colored streamers and popular shells. The celebration consists in breaking the shells that are full of confetti or pica-pica, in[…]

My Antigua: Tamagochy, The Mime

This city has a thousand and one ways to surprise us, to introduce characters and personalities that bring yet another shade to the already colorful sea of stories that are created in a magical place like Antigua. As we walk along the famous Calle del Arco and sit down and rest in the city’s Central[…]

Yoga & Ayurveda

Nowadays, most people are looking for alternative ways to escape from the stress and hectic rhythm of their daily lives; for ways to feel better and to feel that their body, their mind and their emotions are in harmony. Often, this harmony or balance that people are looking for can be found through the practice[…]