Feliz día internacional de la Familia!

Este día nació para recordar que la familia es lo más importante, es el centro de todo y debe brindarnos el soporte y la ayuda para avanzar en la vida. El 15 de mayo de cada año, se festeja el Día Internacional de la Familia. No es un día comercial, y tal vez por eso,[…]

Christmas in Guatemala

  Guatemala is a very diverse country with more than 20 ethnic groups. Each of them has their own special traditions for celebrating Christmas. On December 7th at 6pm an unusual customs called ‘La Quema del Diablo’ (The Burning of the Devil) takes place, where an effigy (model) of the devil/Satan burnt. The 8th December[…]

Festival Gastronómico de Sacatepéquez

The culinary community of La Antigua Guatemala is ready to show off its magnificent talent when the eighth annual edition of the Sacatepéquez Gastronomic Festival arrives this month. It includes the participation of many culinary virtuosos from the cities and villages of the departamento. Thanks to the efforts of the Municipal Government of La Antigua[…]

A New Breed of Guatemalan Millennials

As a new generation of young adults we’ve glimpsed at how we can bring our experiences and knowledge back to Guatemala. I was born in Guatemala in 1996, the same year the Guatemalan Peace Accords were signed, ending its 36-year civil war with some 200,000 civilians dead or disappeared. I spent a couple of summers[…]

Corpus Christi in Patzún

Patzún is a municipio in the department of Chimaltenango, 83 kilometers (51 miles) from Guatemala City and 44 kilometers (27 miles) from La Antigua (about a 1-hour trip by car).There are two explanations for the origin of the name Patzún. The first says that the name comes from the Kakchiquel Maya words pa – meaning[…]

12 Days of Christamas and Epiphany

After Advent, traditionally, Christmas celebrations (and often a feast!) started on Christmas Day and lasted for 12 Days – so they were known as The 12 Days of Christmas! The celebrations finished on the evening of 5th January, which is better known as Twelfth Night. Throughout history, the 12 Days of Christmas were a time[…]

Every September 29th Day of San Miguel Archangel is celebrated

September 29 is the Day of San Miguel Archangel, who is one of the seven archangels and appears in the Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, like Gabriel and Rafael. The Holy Church gives this Archangel the highest among all, it is called the Prince of the Celestial Militia, being the great defender of[…]

Activities to do and places to visit during the rainy season in Antigua Guatemala

During the rainy season, is very difficult to do all the activities we want, but that doesn’t mean you can not do other activities, here we suggest some tours you can do in closed places, we invite you to read this article we have done thinking about you entitled “Activities to do and places to[…]

A New History for La Antigua Guatemala

With the recent “discovery” of the “El Libro Segundo del Cabildo (1530-1541) de Santiago de Guatemala,” historians lit up with enthusiasm! Cover of the second book of Cabildo (1530-1541) de Santiago de Guatemala (courtesy of the Hispanic Society of America, New York) Guatemala’s historians continue to rewrite the past. With many libraries and collections now[…]

Fresh air and Cloud Forests

The Mario Dary biotope, better known as “biotope of the Quetzal” is an ecological park which was created by Mario Dary Rivera’s initiative and was finally founded in 1976. It is located between the municipalities of Purulhá and Salamá, in the Quisis mountain and the Centro Carpintero in Baja Verapaz, at about 160kms from downtown[…]