Tecun Umán

Tecún Umán (1499? – 1524) Quiché Tecún Umán, Guatemala’s national hero faced an army of Spanish conquistadors in the battle of Pinal in 1534. According to the legend, although he didn’t have armor Tecun Uman fought for his land and his people when they were about to lose their sovereignty. The brave prince gave his[…]

The Friday Band

The central parks of various cities in Guatemala are the heart of community life. These spaces are used by people of all ages, both young and old. Sometimes teenagers can be seen at La Antigua’s Parque Central, meeting with friends and walking around the park again and again while having animated conversations with their friends.One[…]

One of Guatemala´s culinary treasure

Part of the experience of visiting and really getting to know Guatemala means that you should immerse yourself in important aspects of life in the country so that you’ll get an idea of who Guatemalans are and how they live. One is the fascinating world of Guatemalan cuisine, and as you’ll discover during your visit,[…]

Typical of some departments of Guatemala meals

In Guatemala each department has its own characteristics and its climate, the language in which they communicate, their cultures and traditions; and the diversity demonstrated in each department with a plate or typical food that characterizes it. Then dishes from some departments are presented. 1. Guatemala The department of Guatemala is characterized by corn gruel,[…]

Relif map

This is unique piece of work that was inaugurated in 1905. It covers an area of 1,809 m2 and depicts the country´s geographical and topographical features in relief. It is located in Hipódromo del Norte , zone 2 . Its is very important in aesthetic and scientific terms since it was built without modern day[…]

Golf in Guatemala

Guatemala is a great place to play golf, because of its affordable prices, world-class courses, strategic location, great weather , and natural and cultural attractions. Guatemala has also been selected to host international tournaments and boasts professional high-quality services. Most courses are near Guatemala city or in La Antigua Guatemala , where there is also[…]