Volcanoes of Guatemala

“Three tectonic plates meet in Guatemala and the result is a wild and crazy adventure park with high and beautiful mountains, crater lakes and hundreds of volcanoes to form the spine of the country.” This is one of the best descriptions of Guatemala I have found was recently posted by Vanderbilt University archaeologist Arthur Demarest[…]

Tecun Umán

Tecún Umán (1499? – 1524) Quiché Tecún Umán, Guatemala’s national hero faced an army of Spanish conquistadors in the battle of Pinal in 1534. According to the legend, although he didn’t have armor Tecun Uman fought for his land and his people when they were about to lose their sovereignty. The brave prince gave his[…]

A New Breed of Guatemalan Millennials

As a new generation of young adults we’ve glimpsed at how we can bring our experiences and knowledge back to Guatemala. I was born in Guatemala in 1996, the same year the Guatemalan Peace Accords were signed, ending its 36-year civil war with some 200,000 civilians dead or disappeared. I spent a couple of summers[…]

The Friday Band

The central parks of various cities in Guatemala are the heart of community life. These spaces are used by people of all ages, both young and old. Sometimes teenagers can be seen at La Antigua’s Parque Central, meeting with friends and walking around the park again and again while having animated conversations with their friends.One[…]

San Antonio Feast Day: June 13

The Day of Saint Anthony of Padua (Romería de San Antonio) commemorates St Anthony’s death on June 13, 1231. It is a public holiday in the city of Ceuta on June 13. This saint was venerated in Ceuta, which was a Portuguese colony in 1415.                                                                                                    A statue of St Anthony with child Jesus. What Do People[…]

A Museum for Kids

El Museo de los Niños, Zone 13, Guatemala City If the motto of most museums seems to be: “Look but don’t touch,” el Museo de los Niños in Guatemala City is the other extreme. Located in Zone 13, the center opened in February 2000 and has since welcomed more than 1.5 million schoolchildren from all[…]

Rafting en el Río Coyolate

If you drive about and a hour and a half southwest of La Antigua, tucked amidst the rubber trees, sugar cane, banana and teak farms, you’ll find the Coyolate river. On the river it’s easy to forget about the plantations around you and feel like you’re on a true adventure. The river flows through a[…]

why we don´t use in Spanish this symbol & ?

Llamado ampersand en inglés o et en español, el signo & es recurrente en el ámbito de la publicidad, sobre todo en logotipos y nombres comerciales. Cabe preguntarse, no obstante, por qué apenas se utiliza en nuestro idioma, y tal pregunta se puede responder aludiendo a cuestiones meramente prácticas o de espacio. Porque, además, su[…]