Do you know about Continental Spanish School?

Academia de Español Continental is a dynamic and young Spanish language school. It was founded by a group of professional and experienced Spanish language teachers in order to provide quality language courses for a reasonable price. Our school is located in a beautiful, centrally-located, colonial building on 3a Calle Poniente in Antigua Guatemala, two blocks[…]

Volcanoes of Guatemala

“Three tectonic plates meet in Guatemala and the result is a wild and crazy adventure park with high and beautiful mountains, crater lakes and hundreds of volcanoes to form the spine of the country.” This is one of the best descriptions of Guatemala I have found was recently posted by Vanderbilt University archaeologist Arthur Demarest[…]

Angel’s Trumpet

At first sight, they are enchanting. My first encounter with one of these trees was at an evening party hosted at a private finca. The reception was large and boisterous, making it easy to steal away and explore the grounds. In a side garden lit with twinkling lights strung up on stone walls, grew a tree[…]

One of Guatemala´s culinary treasure

Part of the experience of visiting and really getting to know Guatemala means that you should immerse yourself in important aspects of life in the country so that you’ll get an idea of who Guatemalans are and how they live. One is the fascinating world of Guatemalan cuisine, and as you’ll discover during your visit,[…]

Where do pashtes come from?

In a cattle ranch – located on the border between Puerto Iztapa and Taxisco, Santa Rosa and an hour and a half from La Antigua – there is a small plantation (considering the size of the farm) of three and a half acres of pashtes, Mayan luffas or Loofah. To learn more about the process[…]

Corpus Christi in Patzún

Patzún is a municipio in the department of Chimaltenango, 83 kilometers (51 miles) from Guatemala City and 44 kilometers (27 miles) from La Antigua (about a 1-hour trip by car).There are two explanations for the origin of the name Patzún. The first says that the name comes from the Kakchiquel Maya words pa – meaning[…]

A Museum for Kids

El Museo de los Niños, Zone 13, Guatemala City If the motto of most museums seems to be: “Look but don’t touch,” el Museo de los Niños in Guatemala City is the other extreme. Located in Zone 13, the center opened in February 2000 and has since welcomed more than 1.5 million schoolchildren from all[…]

El Barrio – A place where different worlds meet & have fun

El Barrio, a complex of bars close to the La Antigua’s central park is not a typical discotheque, nor typical restaurant or a bar. From the moment you enter you can choose between five different bars, each one with their own style, music and offers. The first bar you bump into is The Ocelot bar, a place[…]